The True Law Of Attraction

The Key To obtaining what you desire is to know what you desire, truly know.¬† To have a clear image of what you want and the little details surrounding it. Imagine your desires as if they are a reality, attempt to feel them as if you are there in the moment of your desire’ s being into your life. Contemplate when you make decisions about weather what you decide will bring you closer to achieving the desires you seek or further away. If you have a clear image of what you want and what decisions to make to achieve what you want you will obtain or “attract” your desires. This is The True Law of Attraction.

The Nature Of Blame

What is blame. Blame is when you asighn responsability onto someone for something you believe is rong. Blame is the opposite of responsability. When you blame you are not asserting the responsability to remain in control of your emotions. So when you blame your not taking responsability. This is a danger to progress because responsibility is a major facter in achieving success and progress. If you can’t be responsible for how you feel when upset because someone did something you deem rong than your not in control of your emotions, you allow your beliefs on what you think is rite and rong to control your emotions( i will go more into depth on this in a future post), this will make it much more difficult to make progress in any part of your life that you attach blame too. I’m not saying that by taking responsibility you are at fault, i’m saying it could be someone else’s fault but it is still your responsability to remain content and to solve your problems even if someone else put you into the situation. For example you are rear ended driving down the road by a distracted driver, it may be his fault but it is still your responsability to solve your problems and ramain emotionally¬† in control. This doesn’t mean that it is bad if you are bumbed out cause you got in an accident. That makes sence, but getting upset at someone by asighning blame onto them will only prolong the situation and posibly make matters worse.

Awareness Part 2

Become aware. First become aware of sight. Look at the words on the screen, focus on their shape. Now look away from the screen and look at your hands, move them around and become aware of movment. Look around you and become aware of objects that are not moveing. This is awareness of sight.

Now become aware of pain. Pinch yourself hard enough for it to hurt. Focus on the feeling. Now pinch yourself in a sepret place on your body, once again until it hurts. Focus on how it feels. Become aware of how it feels, now pull on some of your hair instill it hurts. Focus on how it feels. This is awareness of pain, although only on a verry minut scale, for manny people expeirence much more intence levels of pain, at such degrees that they are unfathomable unless directly expeirenced for yourself.

Awareness Part 1

Become aware. First become aware of thought. Become aware of the voice in your head reading this rite now. Now pause for a few moments and think silently think to yourself any words of your choosing and simply be aware of your thoughts… This is awareness of thought.

Now become aware of touch, take the tip of your index finger and your thumb and rub them together. Focus on how it feels. Now stop reading and look away from the text for a few moments and do this again… This is awareness of touch.


It Is Wise To Spread Wisdom

As humans there is one huge factor that separates us from most other animals. TEACHING.We give the knowledge we’ve obtained to the younger generations and they improve it and then once again teach it to the next generation. We also spread out knowledge not only through generations but from person to person, like a rumor being spread in a school, we hear something we think is interesting and we tell other people about it, then some of the people you tell will tell other people and the cycle go’s on and on. This is why it is verry important to spread wisdom when you can, because you never know how manny people it might reach. You could tell just one person that it is wise to spread wisdom and that message might reach a hundred people.